In recent decades, technology has changed the corporate world at an unprecedented speed, bringing advances and innovations that made it possible to increase the productivity of the private sector in the last 30 years more than in the entire previous history of humanity.

It is worth noting that the public sector has not managed to keep up with the accelerated pace of evolution of the private sector, practically lingering in another era.

Government current technology is so obsolete that it has reached a point where the state's inability to innovate impact the development of society.

It is time to stimulate and encourage positive disruption, working on closing the gap between the state and the corporations in terms of technological advances so that the community can find a government equipped with the appropriate tools, to support, feed, and leads the optimal development of a 21st-century society.

Nolatech was born with this objective, to focus on creating cutting-edge technology solutions. Increasing the quality of the integration between citizens and government, enabling continuous improvement in the user experience, by implementing management tools as currently used by most competitive enterprises in the world.


Smart City

An agile solution to manage cities with technology. Some modules: Payments, reports, transport, services, news, places of interest.


Dual platform with a shopping ecosystem. Some modules: Payments, logistics, shops, galleries.

Software ERP

Fully control your business. Some modules; Monitoring, control and finance, metrics, logistics.

IoT system

Adaptation and manufacture of devices that allow control of physical aspects in your business such as geolocation, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and others.

Cyber Intelligence Service

Monitor and identify audiences, through the measurement of emotion, hyper-segmentation by behaviors and social model, as well as by topics of interest.



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